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Apr 5, 2014
I have 2 out of 10 eggs that have hatched and may get some more today. Question....do I leave the two in the incubator? Do they need water, food? How long in the incubator. One hatched early morning...1am and the other 7:30 this morning. Thanks
Before they hatch, chicks absorb the yolk. They can live off of that for about three days or even more for both food and water. That's why they can be shipped in the mail. You don't need to take them out immediately. You can easily wait two to three days.

You'll get a lot of dire warnings about shrink-wrapping chicks if you open the incubator during the hatch. There is some risk involved if you open the incubator and an egg has pipped but not finished hatching. The chick is surrounded by a membrane that can shrink around the chick and prevent it from hatching if that membrane dries out. When you open the incubator, you release some humidity that is in there. If the egg is on the verge of becoming shrink-wrapped that may be enough to send it over the edge. If an egg has not pipped the risk from opening the incubator is pretty negligible, but if the egg has pipped, it is possible.

I've shrink-wrapped a chick before by opening the incubator so I'm convinced it's possible. But I have also not shrink-wrapped several chicks that had pipped when I opened the incubator. I understand there is a risk but sometimes you need to do something in there. I'll open the incubator during hatch to take care of an emergency, but I consider it good practice to not open the incubator without a really good reason.
Thanks for your response. I took two out, four more haf piped. I pray I haven't hurt them.
can I add water to the incubator now? Would that help soften the membranes of the remaining eggs?
All the water has evaporated from the incubator. One trying to hatch now. Should I turn the heat off?
add more water! i wouldnt turn the heat off until they are all out and done. do you have the plugs on the top of the incubator? i've added more through those before better than opening the whole top, but they need the humidity.

Add water. That's important. You don't want it to dry out in there. I put together some accordion straws so I could reach the reservoirs through the vent holes and got this syringe at the feed store.

And like Molly said, leave the heat on.
We have one trying to break out now....three more with no activity. I added water in the top vent about an hour ago. Thanks
is the head out so it can breathe? i would leave it for a bit if it is and see what happens. how exciting!!

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