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Jun 20, 2011
hey all! it's been a while since ive been on this forum so first of all here are some new pics of my 2 scovys that are all grown up now!

my girl gizmo

and my boy waddles

ok first question: i was out of town for a few weeks and since ive gotten back my duckies are a little skittish around me when they used to be like my dogs. gizmo (the hen) is especially shy of me and she used to sit in my lap all the time! waddles isn't too bad he still lets me love on him but he's not quite the same as before i left. it's silly but my feelings are hurt that my babies aren't as close to me
will they get over this now that i'm back and be the way they were before i left
they are about 5 months old now.

last question: i've had them in a temporary hutch and i'm planning on building a nice new permanent home for them. what is a good design for 2 scovy's? i want it to be roomy for them they're spoiled
any suggestions? i'm in florida so it's not cold but maybe 1 month out of the year. is it better to have a solid hutch or one with wire sides? thanks everyone!


Enslaved by Indoor Ducks
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Nov 20, 2008
Chicago, IL
This same thing will happen even to my house ducks If I go on vacation for awhile or after they go broody...

Just keep handling/petting/holding them. If you back off they will to. If you get a towel and wrap em up and huggle them for a bit, they'll get used to it again and realize it's okay. If they weren't snuggly before, they won't "get snuggly" doing this, but sometimes normally cuddly ducks need a little reminder. lol

As for a hutch/coop, having something with solid walls that can be ventilated is the best route. It's more safe from predators, and you can open it up for hotter weather and close it up for colder weather.

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