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    Have an egg in the incubator that has gray spots like symptoms on the shell. 21 days is slightly over. Had seen wiggles of the egg yesterday but nothing today. I would like to know more about the spots on the egg. Is this a bad hatch? We candled it when it was to be the last of candleing and we saw movement then. The temp/humid are where they are suppose to be. Any thoughts? Thanks
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    Hmmmm . . . interesting. I'm wondering if it will hatch. I have only done a few hatches and have not encountered this yet.
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    You could do a float test on the egg to see if there is any movement now...if not you could crack it open to see if the chick had deformities. I do not know what the the spots are..never had that happen before.
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    We did a very quick candle cause we have a feeling it might be dead. The egg (except a small air pocket) was full but couldn't see anything moving. [​IMG]We put it back so hopefully we see something [​IMG] otherwise we will do the float test.
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    Do you see a shadow of a beak in the air pocket? You should see that at this point. If not I'm not sure what to tell you unless you want to try assisting the hatch or opening.
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    So we had did the float test yesterday and it stayed at the top. So mom cracked it open and sure enough it had died sometime after day 18 [​IMG] [​IMG]

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