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    Jul 13, 2008
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    I was wondering something. I bought 18 eggs on Ebay that are Cochin (not sure how that is spelled) Frizzle Bantams. Wanted some more frizzles to work on breeding with. Any ways The lady sent me 20, but two were cracked. I put 8 under two hens I had that were already broody (this is both of their second rounds, feel bad their first didn't work out, is other reason I bought the eggs, my other frizzles eggs were infertile, they were the first round that those poor two didn't hatch) I put 4 eggs under each hen. My guy put the 10 remaining in His familys incubator. They are all due July 24th, so I candled them last night. 2 under each hen were growing, could see the little ones moving, they were sooooo cute. and 2 (with a possibility of a 3rd, but air pocket looks weird so not holding my breath) out of 10 in the incubator had moving chicks. So that makes 6 for sure out of 18. What I wanted to know is that about normal for a sucess rate?? Thanks alot Ya'll
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    Alot of people have low development rates with shipped eggs. Sometimes the PO just handles them too roughly. Sounds like you are going to have some luck though. There have been many on here that had none develop with shipped eggs and some that had a 100% hatch! Good luck!!!
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    I got very lucky and had 100% hatch from 6 b/b/s orp eggs! I was thrilled. Although another batch of shipped eggs I got 1 out of 6 So it all depends.

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