Have an over protective rooster???

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    Feb 7, 2012
    Do you have a rooster that attacks you even when your just trying to feed,water,collect eggs,or do simple daily things in the pen or coop? It can get pretty annoying and painful sometime to have an aggressive rooster. I use to kick him but it just got worst every time so what I've figured out to do now is I just raise my boot higher than his head than move it toward him,and he usually every time moves away and doesn't want to fight my leg or boot. If you want to share any tips or anything that works for you post them hear and it could help others if they have a ''aggressive'' rooster. Even know they aren't aggressive they are just doing there job of protecting the flock they think your a threat,so don't think your rooster is bad or mean cause he's just doing what his brain was programmed for which is protecting his flock. This is my over protective rooster he's an easter egger and he takes his job very seriously.[​IMG]

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    If he's not an adolescent I'd make gumbo.

    Almost every cockerel I've had does this when reaching sexual maturity. I'll chase it down to pick it up or at least attempt to and they get the point I'm #1. Once they're settled down from all those hormones it never happens again. So I don't know if it's me correcting them who's boss or if it's simply them getting calmer after that teen rage takes its course. If a older rooster did that I'd not hesitate to cull him.

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