Have eggs, no broody birds, want babies, please help!

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12 Years
Jul 20, 2007
Vandalia, OH
I have 5 duck eggs that my mallard laid and she's not broody and neither are any of my hens. I don't own an incubator and would love to have these babies. Is there anyone nearby who would be willing to incubate these for me or have a broody bird willing to sit on these? I know there's a possibility that they may not hatch (yes, I also have a drake that has mounted her), but would like the chance to try. I don't have much to offer in return, but I'm willing to negotiate!

Thanks in advance!
Good luck finding someone near to incubate them. There are lots of people who'd probably be willing to do this. The problem is finding someone within a reasonable distance so that you can go get your babies once they hatch.
I'm now up to 12 eggs, still no broody hens, dang it! Right now it's not feasible for me to build an incubator. Maybe I'll check craigslist for one.

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