Have I created Monsters?


10 Years
Apr 10, 2009
NW Indiana
My neighbor has been bringing treats for my chickens.
She usually comes when I'm at work and the other day left me a really good chicken magazine.
To repay her I left her a dozen eggs in the coop.
I meant to hide the carton in the bucket I keep their feed in - she has put a bag of hulled sunflower seeds in there for them.

Well....I forgot to do this & the styrofoam carton and all but 4 eggs were shredded when I got home.
So now that my girls have gotten "the taste of blood" (so to speak), should I worry they will become egg-eaters?

The Good News is my little picked-on Houdan - still wearing her protective Blu-kote hat - laid for me yesterday.

She's been Closed for Business since November, so I took this to mean Spring is on the way.
It's too early to tell. My hens have eaten egg shell, but have not turned into egg eaters. I'd be careful... don't leave eggs in the nests as much as you can help it for a few weeks... maybe you can ask your neighbor to take eggs out of the nests when he/she comes by... the hope behind this is to quell a potential habit before it becomes a problem. good luck.

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