Have I wasted my eggs?


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Okay, so it's a bit late because I have already done it, but wanted to check on here whether I have made a mistake. Basically, I had heard about decorating eggs for Easter, so I set a small project for the children to each paint an egg for their Nanny who hasn't had one of our eggs yet. So we now have 4 painted fresh eggs for my Mum (as I painted one too) and then I came across something saying they won't be edible now, is this true?

We have used a paint that is water based so I thought she could wash some of it off first before cracking, we even left space free of paint to crack too.

I thought maybe that the shell would protect the egg inside. Do any of you know?

Thanks in advance.

Claire x
I do not believe they are edible any longer unless you used a food grade coloring. Something that you would injest. What you are describing would not be edible, I don't think. Egg shells are porous and will absorb anything ON the shells as well as any strong smells around the shells.
Thanks for your reply, oh well I guess I have learnt from my mistake! Nevermind, we decided to blow them in the end so at least she can keep the shells.

Here they are, painted by my 2, 5 and 7 year old...

Mine didn't quite make it when my 2 year old launched it across the kitchen.

Thanks again,
Claire x
Chickenpox, you were using food safe dyes. She was using paint. There is a difference. We always have and still do dye eggs, but we use food safe items for dying.
Oh we used magic markers and all kinds of stuff to color them! LOL! I'm not advocating doing it......just saying I lived through it as a kid. Kinda like saying we all lived through riding our bikes helmetless and riding in cars without seatbelts. It's not smart to not protect ourselves now, but we lived back then.
Most water based paints are marked as non-toxic. Check your bottles and see.....the folks that make craft-type paints know kiddos are likely to eat the stuff with a spoon, so the ingredients are pretty inert. I'd gift the eggs, and just let her know if they're really discolored when she peels them not to eat them....you'll gift her some fresh eggs to make up for it!

I mark eggs with sharpies and eat them and hatch chicks from them....well, I did get leukemia, but pretty sure it wasn't from some sharpie on an egg shell.....otherwise my kiddos would have been way sicker!
It does say 'non-toxic' on the bottle however, we have already blown them now because I got worried. I will be giving me mum the 3 decorated shells that have been blown and 2 fresh eggs (undecorated) for her to try.

Thanks again for all your replies, it was very helpful.

@Donrae - I hope you are well now. xx

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