Have to kill all my chickens tomorrow!


Aug 7, 2019
Cruso, NC
Oh my goodness! This is horrible. My heart breaks for you. :hugs Hopefully, you can figure something out and get your questions answered.
Thank you for the kind words. The state rep was here this morning to
I just talked to someone I know that had MG 2 years ago, to ask what happened. She was told to quarantine for 6 mos, that clock started after the 3 that were ill were euthanized. They did not destroy her whole flock, but she does have a closed flock, meaning no birds come or go. So let me share what she told me. She had 2 coops, 3 of the 6 birds in 1 coop had respiratory, this was 2 yrs ago. She moved those 3 to an indoor large cage & put them on medicine. The other 3 in that coop never got sick, but were put on medicine as a preventative after their waterer was disinfected. The 3 sick ones had swollen eyes & mucus in the beak clefts, they still didn't get well after she tried 3 different medicines & then tests confirmed MG. Those 3 were suffering so they were humanely euthanized. The remaining chickens in that coop never became ill. She went ahead and got the vaccine & vaccinated all chickens in 2 coops, 2 times (booster dose is given a few weeks later). The vaccine is in a blue eye drop, you sit the chicken on your lap, put drops in eyes and then chicken swallows, then open beak to make sure you see blue on tongue. She also disinfected all waterers & feeders, removed a bedding in coops, disinfected floors & nest boxes & dug out the top layer of sandy soil of both chicken coop pens, assuming by walking around she may have transmitted the illness. While it's true that all chickens on her property are potential carriers, none of her other chickens became ill since this outbreak happened 2 yrs ago. She keeps 2 type breeds of chickens, that's why 2 coops, her small flocks are for just her family's eggs & enjoyment, she doesn't breed to sell, no birds are coming & going, etc. There's no way to determine how her flock got MG, either one of the hens she got as a youngster already carried it, or a wild bird brought it. Anyone keeping birds can be vulnerable at risk, not even knowing the source, and wild birds are flying over every day, so the best we can do is vaccinate, try to provide the healthiest, happiest life & nourish their immune systems. MG can be devastating but it is not necessarily an automatic death sentence for an entire flock. When I have visited this lady's place, I disinfected by spraying my truck tires, my shoes, & my "visiting others" clothes went right into the washing machine when I got home & I took a shower. I have designated certain shoes & only wear certain clothes & shoes to certain places anyway...been doing this for decades. The clothes I wear around my flock are my "chore clothes" & they never leave my property. My chore clothes look like chore clothes...meaning I don't want to go out & about looking like that anyway! Lol! So it's never an issue, I do not get them mixed up, they're certain colors & they've got paint splotches from painting the coop & Bluecote stains, etc. They even get their own "chore drawer". Certain shoes & boots, yes it may look like I have a shoe fettish but this is essential, I have Pigeon loft shoes & Chicken coop shoes, gardening shoes, then shoes that go out & about but never around my own yard. To go a step further, a tray pan with disinfectant at the door prior to entering the house to step in, disinfecting shoe soles. Certain shoes go certain places, I've been doing this for decades, most of us do, no one wants to track chicken poop encrusted shoes around. Our shoes, where our birds spend time, and the birds' drinking waterers & places our birds hang out are the main areas of viral, bacterial or germ transmission. As wild birds can carry illnesses at any time, we need to always be diligent & proactive with cleanliness, and even then, illness can still happen. So don't blame yourself, we just do the best we can.

I know this is quite a shock to deal with & I am so sorry, my heart goes out to you.
Thank you so much for your kind words and all the info. All my chickens are I’ll, snotty beaks and sneezing and coughing. They have been on numerous antibiotics and they all stopped laying six weeks ago. I love my girls but I think this is the humane thing to do. I don’t ever want to run the chance of wild birds getting it from my flock. Or me accidentally passing it on. My coup area is quarantined by the state.


May 21, 2020
We may be behind screens, but all our hearts are with you. You're doing the right thing here and it's one of the hardest things to have to do as an owner. May the spring bring a new chapter for you filled with joy and tiny chirps. And best of luck with the surgery that is coming as well! You'll have plenty of articles to entertain you during recovery with all of us crazy chicken people in here I'm sure. :)


We will get through this... together!
Mar 5, 2019
SE Missouri, USA
I agree but they are sneezing and when they do get worse, it’s a horrible death.
Ive lost several already. Don’t want the possibility of them passing it on to other wild birds. Havent had an egg in several months and my rooster can’t even crow.
I am so sorry to hear of this very sad situation. My heart goes out to you. :hugs

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