Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity?


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Oct 24, 2008
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I have been told since my young teenage years that I look like Valerie Bertinelli (
I wish ) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000933/ . I once went to the bank with my mom when I was about 18 and the teller had an odd look on her face as we were approaching the desk and then she said" oh my gosh, I thought you were Valerie Bertinelli"
. I said " I'm so sorry to disappoint you", she really had an awe-struck look on her face.
Have any of you been told you look like a certain celebrity?
Allie Sheedy, you know, from Breakfast Club.

I think that as a youngster I was cuter than Allie. Now, a comparison to Valerie B. ? I would not argue with that!
When I was younger I guess I looked like Brooke Shields. I heard it all the time. I remember entering a new school in the middle of 7th grade. I walked into the classroom and the teacher said, "Oh my, you look a spittin image of Brooke Shields." All the kids laughed and I was so embarrassed. Brooke Shields was not cool to 7th graders. I'm sure it was my bushy eyebrows, which I always hated.

Now when I look at her, I realize she was indeed a pretty girl, and I wish I had grown up to look like she does as a woman.
Yep I know Bernadette.

I've been told I sound (talk) like Reba McIntire. Even the kids at school when I was subbing called me Ms. Reba. But I can't stand Reba. I don't sound like her when I sing...Thank goodness. I've been singing since I popped out of the womb and IMHO...Reba sounds like a cat with her tail stuck in a door. I guess the jokes on me though... she's got all the moo-lah.
No, but my brother was in Acapulco and was at a Hard Rock Cafe, and was mistaken for the Neil Patrick Harris (the guy who used to play "Doogie Howser", etc.) They wouldn't leave him alone over it, so he signed autographs for a while and his whole family ate for free.
I've been told I look like 2 different celebrities...Faith Hill when I am thin and Leann Rimes when I am heavier. I don't mind the Faith Hill, but I can't stand Leann Rimes! LOL!

I had a friend who was a dead-ringer for JoDee Messina!


People used to tell me I looked like Valerie Bertinelli, too!!!

My 4 year old niece (many years ago) swore it was me on One Day at a Time so much, the whole family had to explain that it wasn't, it took all day

Wow, we have some really attractive people on here, all the celebrity lookalikes!!!!!!!!
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