HAVE YOU ever had a rooster....


My Girls
13 Years
Jun 11, 2009
that had such a personality? well, mine sure does.
while the kids were away at school today, i had my precious time with.

mr. as we call him.
he was out freeranging with his "girls" when a blue bird continued to pester him.
a bird like this.


this bird followed mr. rooster around the yard. wherever he went with ladies, the bird went.
even to the other side of the yard. it was driving him nuts!
i am sure he is tired, and feeling happy now all is late and dark and his girls are safe for tonight....till tommorrow.

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What a pretty roo!!

I have a little bantam Buff Brahma roo, Charlie, who absolutely hates jays. There's a family of jays who lived in the trees before I got chickens. They have one baby a year. The parents discovered the secret yard cat feeding station next to my front patio window and will steal cat kibble from it. They perch on a solar light post, then fly to the cat food station and take one kibble at a time. (This is only when there isn't a cat there.)

Well, Charlie has decided he doesn't like that.

Each jay will take a single kibble then fly to the paddock area, land on the ground to eat it.

Charlie races - in that Brahma/T-Rex fashion - around the corner through the gate, then he fluffs up and screams as he charges the jay on the ground. The jay will pick up its prize, flap upwards and land about 15 feet further away. Charlie changes directions and charges again.

This will go on for 15-20 minutes. That's a LOT of effort expended on ONE cat food kibble!

I love to watch this whole drama when I manage to catch it.

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