Have you ever made your own tabasco sauce?


11 Years
Apr 6, 2008
I have lots of tabasco peppers and after I made a little pepper sauce (whole peppers covered in vinegar) I really don't have plans for the peppers except to feed a few to my hens this winter. I was wondering if anyone on here has made their own Lousiana style tabasco sauce. I found some online recipes that don't require fermenting peppers and aging x 3years in oak barrels. I am just looking for words of wisdom from the experienced folks. Thanks.
Are you serious about feeding a few to your hens this winter? I have never heard of that. What is the purpose, to keep them warm lol? I would think it would be mean at first thought if they are spicy hot.

Does it kill off bugs, all them should be gone in freezing weather anyways?
Chickens don't have spit so they don't get the burn... supossed to keep worms down and make them lay better??! I do feed my pullets red pepper like every other week and they don't slow up when eating their oatmeal with raisins and red pepper.
The year I had Thai peppers in a pot my hens used to come and eat them like candy so I knew it would not hurt them. This spring they were in a major laying slump and my 81 yr old chicken guru aunt told me to feed them hot peppers. By the next day the egg # were improving and continued to do so. I actually planted extra hot peppers in my garden this year to dry for my chickens. Last week I had a ripe jalapeno with a bad spot and put it in the chickens scraps and I could tell a difference. Yes, I have heard it helps with worms also.
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