Having a hard time getting rid of my roo :(


May 21, 2016
Southern California
Hello….having a little bit of an emotional and sad day and was wondering if anyone could share some support or advice?

We ordered 4 pullets in May from Dare 2 Dream Farms. They are currently 16 weeks. Recently we discovered that our Rhode Island Red is a rooster. Unfortunately, We can not have roosters and will be giving her back to the farm she came from tomorrow afternoon. Our flock is very lovable and all attached to each other. Our 3 girls always follow the rooster around almost like she is their mother hen. (Its so cute!) The rooster has never been aggressive so it makes it even harder to say goodbye. I personally am very attached to the rooster and spend several hours a day loving on all 4 of them. My question is…..How will my 3 other chickens react when he is gone?
What can i do to maybe help them? I am sure someone has gone through this before and i would love the support!
Here is my Rooster "Penny" who will be leaving us :(

Here they all are enjoying some yogurt! One of their favorites!
Sorry you're having such a hard time with rehoming your rooster. It's nice, though, that you can return him to the farm he came from. At least you're not giving him to some stranger off CL.

Chickens don't do change well, so this will throw your pullets for a loop for a bit. They'll be confused for a while, and they'll have to re-figure their pecking order, but they'll get over it. One of the pullets will become the dominant bird and the others will follow her around just like they did your cockerel.
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Another way to look at it is, chickens are prey animals. Prey animals instinctively understand others simply go missing from time to time, and they adjust to that. I think a lot of behavioral issues folks attribute to "missing" a flock mate is simply concern about a potential predator. Chickens don't understand selling, all they know is "Penny is gone. Something must have got Penny. I'd better be extra vigilant cause it might come back and eat me, too

There's not really anything you can do to "help" them. Just give them a few days and they'll sort things out.

I'm happy you have a home for your rooster

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