Having chickens in Hermitage, PA


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5 Years
Apr 20, 2014
Does anyone know the rules about having chickens in Hermitage, PA??

I have tried researching the City Website and Zoning laws, but haven't found anything yet. The City used to be a township and some areas are country and farms. But where I live is residential. The houses on either side of me are currently empty. I worry about when new people move in. The neighbor that just moved had 4 dogs and my chickens wouldn't have bothered them in the least. I just wish I could find out the rules since my kids are getting really attached.
Bummer. I was hoping to find someone in my area that knew the answer for me.
Only thing in the ordinance is under agriculture section 417. Need a lot of at least 2 acres, coop 100 feet from property line and 200 feet from a neighbors home. All I could find any way.
Oops. We don't have quite 2 acres and I know the coop is too close to the property line. But it's been 2 1/2 years and no complaints yet. Thanks though.

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