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  1. I have this one section on My Coop Page that is not working right. The sentences are all crammed up into each other and it will not center on the page. Also my sentences are not running together on the same line, they are broken apart. I am able to make it work while editing but after I save it, it goes right back to what it was before. I finally got the "underline" off on parts of the page but is some areas it goes back after I save..... Now I remember why I stopped working on it [​IMG]

    Here is the direct link to my Chik'n Shak page. The problem with the text is right above the first picture. Maybe it is only showing up as a problem for me?

    Thanks for help in advance.
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  2. houndit

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    It looks fine above the first picture when I view it.
  3. Nifty-Chicken

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    Wow, great looking page and pics! Is it the text that starts "Our coop was based off of Monica's coop..." ? You just want it centered, or something else?
  4. Yes that is it Rob and yes centered is what I wanted. I use to have a word link to Monica's coop but that is gone as well. Should have never messed with my page to begin with [​IMG]

    Humm and I noticed just now between some of my pictures the text is messed up to. It is crammed into the sentence above it...... [​IMG]
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  5. Thanks Rob for all your help on this tonight!

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