Having issues with Quail hatching-chicks cannot get out of fetal position

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  1. cjjett

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    Apr 30, 2016
    Ok we have been raising the A&M quail in the back yard for a couple years now and have started having an issue I cannot explain or find any reference too. During a hatching I have been having at least one or two chicks that pip and break free but never straighten out. they are real fighters and are trying hard but either never straighten and die or end up with their necks curled under or backward...I have culled a few but it breaks my heart to kill the poor baby, wanna fix this..
    I have now tried, vitamin supplements, new roos, completely new batch of eggs form Texas A&M and still getting this.
    we have a Janoel forced air incubator with auto-turner.
    any one else seen this and figured out the root cause?[​IMG]



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    Apr 3, 2011
    southern Ohio
    Please post on the quail the under Forum above for more help. Make sure they get vitamins and electrolytes and feed with a dropper.

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