Having major behavioral issues with trio of drakes


9 Years
May 15, 2010
I've actually been abroad for two months and return in a few days, but my sitter tells me I am in for a rough time because they are being holy terrors to each other and biting and fighting and just being unpleasant towards each other and people. They have plenty of varied food and outdoor time, and they don't have females to actually fight over. I thought this would go away when their hormones went down. I can give more details in a few days when I see them again, but I wonder if anyone can help me to understand and maybe be able to fix why my drakes are being big jerks? Thanks!
Hormones is my only guess.....I had 2 drakes (no ducks) that absolutely drove me crazy til mating season was over, then all was well. My drake is still mating some, maybe the season's not over yet?

Good luck.
Its hormones... ya just gotta deal with it. Sorry.
As they've said, hormones! My two boys drive me crazy at this time of year, constantly trying to bite me, getting right under my feet and fighting with each other. We originally had just them, then thought since they were trying to mate with me we should get some girls. Well this breeding season has come around and even with 4 lovely girls they're acting the same! One of the boys has finally got the hang of mating this past week, but the other is intent on having just me! I just have to think to myself it's only a few months...
I have 3 call drakes-they are 1 yr old and get along great! They do attempt to mate eachother from to time but no fighting nothing with them..Not sure whyas I've been waiting for me to post something just like you did?? Seriously-Ive been looking for girls for a few months now but watching them and how sweet they are with eachother I think Im leavin that trio alone-they are just pets and dont NEED anymore ducks:) Hope you find a resolution!
Hormones? Well, that's what I thought, but I swear they've been at this for like 6 months, how long does the very season last, lol!
give them 'toys' to entertain themselves with.

Toss in a few tennis balls, hang a mirror, give them half a watermelon to nibble at, toss a small floating ball in their pool, put minnows in their pool for them to hunt and eat.

It's mostly hormones but you should be able to distract them a bit with toys and treats.

Good luck!
I eat rude, obnoxious drakes. The man of the flock now is always polite, eats from my hand and never nips or bites. He is very protective of his ladies, but isn't hostile to people. Some drakes are just jerks.

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