having no luck with hatching....


7 Years
Aug 1, 2012
Ok ive hatched eggs before but this time im having no luck at all.chicks are 25 days and still in the eggs.i candled them and they are moving good but are very small and look no where near ready to hatch.anyone have any idea what may be goin on here?

What was your temperature during incubation? If it was a bit under the ideal ± 99* it would've delayed the development of the embryos.
Thats the thing....my temp has been perfect all this time 99.5,humidity just right....I just don't get it.
I'd say get a new thermometer. I realized that mine was junk when I thought I had the right temp but turned out it was low. Now I never run my bator with less than three thermometers. And they all say a different temp :/

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