Having some trouble with egg production...

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  1. Kenzie

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    Nov 15, 2012
    I've got six hens, and I only get one egg a day. I'm not sure on their ages because I wasn't the one to raise them, a friend couldn't take care of them anymore. I've had chickens though since I was little, and I've never had my chickens not lay as long as these ones. Some are still in the process of molting and I know that can slow the process of laying, but it was during the summer that they started to slow egg production. I also know that mites can slow egg production, and we had mites, for the first time in my whole life of having chickens, and it was terrible. But, we are rid of them, thank goodness, but I still am only getting one egg a day, with six hens. They are fed laying mash twice a day, and treated all the time, and also get time to go out and eat, next on my list is to go and get some supplements for them. Thanks for reading!

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    Older birds can really slow down after their second year. Since you don't know the ages of the birds, that's what I'd suspect, if all the health issues have been adequately addressed. Add to that the days are really, really short this time of year in North America. It's been decreasing since the summer solstice on June 21. We're almost at the bottom, the winter solstice on or about December 22.

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