Having to now get a permit and draft letter to neighbors. Looking for samples and advice


May 6, 2015
Suggestions - we have had chickens for 1 year. Initially we tried several times to locate the city ordinances and after not finding we moved forward to get the chickens. All was well until a neighbor recently complained about flies/smell - ironically I think what the neighbor actually smelled is the compost which is on the side of the house by his lot line (as our chickens are not near the side of our yard that abbutts his). However, we are hopeful as the health department rep seems very positiive and helpful to us but we will need to submit a permit and have a town hearing. One of the requirements of this process is also to write a letter to the neighbors for them to sign. Do any of you have experience with this or possible links to examples or ideas of what to include in the letter? Any advice appreciated.

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