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8 Years
Mar 8, 2011
timblin pa
I have Rhode Island Reds and for a bit of background,Rebel, trouble with balance, head down to eat would wind up rolling down slope. He is better (after a few weeks)back outside, but Henry started acting the same so brought him in. stays on side, moves legs and wings in attempt to set up. When i set him up he falls over. I am feeding him moistioned crumbles which he eats readily but takes time as I hold him. I use a dropper to get the fluid (electrolytes and vitamins in am, water in afternoon and evening) this has gone on a month. Winkie, a hen yesterday at which time she was showing same symptoms but hit her faster and harder. no laying down just huddled brought her in, shortly after she died. Now with Henry his stools are normal. I am told may have Wry neck from Mereks disease. Some recover as Rebel some die as Winkie, dont know of Henry, guess I still have hopes of him pulling through, that is why keep feeding. is he suffering I dont know, i have heard chickens squawk in pain, frustration he is just clucking away and when I come in, he hears my voice and moves his legs and wings (not the one under him well of course) but to turn in my direction. I use baby wipes to clean him up keep him dry or at least try (use the aloe type non scented). I am still checking for I want to raise these Rhode Island Reds, but are the eggs safe to eat that is another question. see Rebel is the father to both Henry and Winkie. Rebels brother who a friend had died a month ago, same symptoms-they had give me Rebel and Frederika two years ago. so it was not until this year and hey we are a few miles apart so is it genetic.

I did not want to rewrite all the above so posted and pasted from previous post anyway, suggestions are to use terramycin or tetracycline. I cannot find either, nor duramycin. any other suggestions. I tried Tractor Supply, and the two feed stores here without luck Manufacturer is having difficulty and not making as much. Checked with Drs. Foster/Smith, no luck though they are to get some. Any other suggestions. still using the electrolytes and vitamins, and does poop really well. eats great too. and with the medication, should I go ahead and treat all (just the two outside and the silkie inside as too cold for him out. (anyone have ideas on coop for silkie)and with the antibiotics can I give orally. It is just me here and giving injections to one is hard. Oh and he is about 8 months as was Winkie (siblings) Rebel is over 2 for have had for two years. Im sorry so long. any help would be greatly appreciated. and can email me at [email protected] thanks loads, marilyn

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