Having Trouble, Need help navigating. Trying to learn, just confused!


9 Years
Oct 2, 2010
Slidell, Louisiana
Hi, A few questions.

1. How to get to my page? There doesn't seem to be a simple way.
2. How to get to "MY Uploads"? Can't find a link
3. When opening tab titled "Coops'', how do I see the whole page, there is advertising blocking part of it on right in yellow block.
Would appreciate any help. thanks in advance.
Hi Fireguy!

This site is huge and has tons of information, it can be overwhelming. It's taken me a couple days to learn my way around, and I have found that I am learning TONS by trying to help other people with their issues, lol.

Anyway try this:

at the top of this page click the tab labled "my profile"

At the top of the page, you willsee your name and avatar, and a little box with some of your stats.

Scroll on down to where it says "Fireguys recent activity". See the little boxes there, some will have a green glowy notation next to them. Clicking on them will turn the green glow on or off. Turn them off except for the one under articles, and I think that will bring up your "my pages"

Now scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will see "your photos'. This contains your uploads.

As for the "coops' page, I'm not sure, it's loading fine for me. Try closing and reloading the page. If that does not work, try clearing your internet cache. (let me know if you need help clearing your cache, I'll need to know what browser you are using)

I really hope this helps. Please, if your issues are resolved take a minute to enter your resolved issues in this post: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/620902/resolved-issues
Thanks, I'll try all of this. I know after reading alot of posts that this change was needed.....just think for some of us that are alittle computer challenged that things could have been set up easier and more like original BYC along with all the new stuff. Thanks again,

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