having your dog spayed?

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  1. chickabator

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    Nov 30, 2007
    I had 2 of my chihuahua's spayed yesterday we did not get home till around 8:30 pm . any way the oldest of the two has been trying to jump up and down off of the couch today. I am scaird to death that she is going to bust herself open. she wants to lay but then she wants to get up . to be honest she acts like she is in pain. they gave her pain meds to last 3 days but it does not seem to be helping her much. my other one did not want to wake up after the surgery. it took forever for her to wake. dh thinks the gave her too much knock out juice. I was crying and everything, it scaird me I thought she was dying but she is okay today just tired anyone else have problems with their dogs being spayed what should I expect and how long do I try to keep them from jumping
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    Just try and keep them quiet. If they are crate trained put them in their crate and let them sleep. If not block them in a small room with nothing to jump up on and leave the lights out, a room that goes totally dark or near to would be best. Yes they will be in some pain the first day but they do well after that, and the older the dog the bigger the surgery it is so what your saying makes sense.

    Neve was up running about with abandon on the second day, and I was concerned about that so I confined her. The day after the surgery she was moving about with caution so she got to stay loose. Third day on I let her decide how active to be.
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    Aug 7, 2007
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    leave her go ahead. I have 3 dogs and they are all spay...If it like my vet. It is really small. It will stress you out even more worrying and try not to let her and for you to let them jump on the couch and curl up.
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    When I had my doxie spayed, I was told to keep her quiet for a few days. Yea right; keep a doxie quiet. The first two days I helped her on & off the couch then I just gave up. Figured she is going to do what she feels like doing. There was no stopping her

    It is a little scary when your 'babies' go thru surgery. Maybe dogs just react to anethesia as differently as people do. Your dog is probably trying to get comfy and having a belly full of stitches probably feels odd when she lays down.

    I had a momma cat who needed an emercency c-section (and spay since she was open). I cringed every time those babies starting nursing. But BB just purred and acted like it never bothered her.
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    Nov 30, 2007
    they are laying down with oldest dd right now in a dark bedroom.
  6. abluechipstock

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    Jan 13, 2009
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    the biggest problem is a suture reaction(redness/swelling) with a lot of activity, they aren't going to tear open and their guts fall out, there are 3 layers of sutures in there, you can't keep them completely quiet, there's no way, most dogs are smart and if they hurt themselves they usually don't do it again, what did they give them for pain? it's usually non-narcotic, just do the best you can, dogs are 10 times more resilient than people, good luck:)
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    May 15, 2008
    upstate NY
    First, don't worry about your sleepy dog. They all react to anesthesia differently. Most of my dogs have been up and moving normally the same day, but I have had a few that were kind of groggy until the following day, and one that took forever to feel himself again. I'm sure your vet wouldn't overdose on the drugs, especially with such a tiny dog.

    As far as keeping them quiet - the concern is not the stitches you can see, but the internal ones. They cut the uterus loose from the dog's body, and of course they have to stitch where they cut. Too much activity too soon can tear the inside stitches loose and you can have problems with internal bleeding (I worked for my vet a few years ago and this is what he told me). If the dogs want to be on the furniture with you, fine - just lift them up and down. They should not jump. If they were bigger, it wouldn't be such a jolt, but they're jumping higher than their own heads by quite a bit - and they've just had major abdominal surgery.

    Dogs are quite resilient and heal quickly, but they also have about the same judgement as an 18 month old child, so don't leave too much of the decision up to the dog! It's your job to keep them safe, even from themselves!

    However - I think most dogs are more active than they should be after spay surgery and do just fine. As long as you are aware of the reasons behind the limits the vets give you, you can use your judgement about how to handle the dogs. I'm sure they'll be fine, and they are much better off spayed.
  8. CochinLover

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    Apr 9, 2008
    many dogs wake up from recovery different ways. Some wake up instantly and cry ( and not from being in pain, but from being under) others sleep for forever. so dont worry all animals are different.

    Plz keep ur dog calm and quiet as possible. I know its really hard and we can only ask so much of you and your dog but as others have said if they want on the couch please just pick them up and set them down. and being a small dog anyway its a good idea to get into the habit as they are more prone to injury that way.

    Yes the internal stitches can easily be torn so thats what u must be careful of. check for abdominal swelling, loss of appettite, lethargic, and loss stool. the older the dog the more painful the surgery is as well but usually spay is procedure and u will be ok. usually the first 48 hrs is the hard ones, but u should keep them calm for a week then gradually get them back into their regular schedule.

    hope it helps [​IMG]
  9. chickabator

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    Nov 30, 2007
    thanks everyone. we don't let them jump up and down we pick them up most of the time they are on my hip when I am setting in the chair . our oldest is 2 the other is 1 cookie the older of the two jumped down when we were not looking she snuck . normally we can catch them if they try all you have to do is cookie uhh uhh and she will stop and roll over on her back. then go pick her up and set her down. I wish I could just set and hold them but I can't I have other things to do also. (cook, clean ect. ) I hope they feel better today.
  10. fushalilly

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    Mar 9, 2008
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    Mine didnt leave her crate until she was completely healed, about 3 days. I say lock her up with food and water in her crate, and carry her outside to pee a few times a day. You cant be letting her jump around liek that.

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