Havobator 1602N~ Is anyone using this? Good or Bad?

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8 Years
Aug 13, 2011
Tucson, Az.
I'm looking for an Incubator, and $$ is a little tight right now.
This one seems to offer alot, for the price.
I've used Havobator still air years ago with good results for Quail.
Eventually I would like the Genesis or the octogon 20 Eco, but for now they just aren't doable.

We also have Geckos, and the 1602N is listed on reptile sites for use, so I was thinking maybe use it for a few months till I can get another, and retire it for reptile use.

Any feedback on this one would be greatly appreciated.
I have it and hate it. I can't get the temp to stay where it should. I gave up and just use it as a hatcher now. Last time I tried to hatch in it they all hatched early with their yolks hanging out. Look at the Hovabator 1588. I have 2 of those and really like them. Temp stays consistant and I get great hatches in it, PLUS it has a fan.
The Genesis 1588 is your best bet for chicken eggs, but I've seen folks have decent results with the 1602.

Good luck.
That was fast!

Thank you both !

Maybe I could go with the Genesis 1588 without the turner for now.

I love the huge viewing window! And I know there will be 3 heads trying to see them hatch!

And it also states for the Genesis that it can be set as low as 80 for reptiles.

We do want a second unit for just hatching, but again, want the big window. So maybe i'll end up with 2 Genesis and get a turner later. LOL!
You can hand turn, or what I do is put the eggs in cartons (large end up) and tip the incubator a couple times a day. Love the huge window too. I also like that the window is double paned, so it doesn't lose any heat.

I think I may try something with an egg carton. I hand turned years ago. Quail eggs, and I was always so afraid I'd drop one!

I will probably order today, and think I will give the 1588 a try.

Thanks again!
I just purchased the Genisys Hovabator 1588 online at Amazon.

I bought it bundled with the egg turner and hygrometer.

I searched for the best price, and it was a little cheaper go to with Amazon.

I heard it is a GREAT incubator.

I've never used Amazon, but have heard many have great results from it.
May I ask what you got it for?

I think the best I've found so far at a warehouse is about $170 + shipping. (That's with the quail rack too)

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