Hawk attack and I do mean hawk attack. GRAPHIC CONTENT


9 Years
Jun 21, 2010
Okarche Oklahoma
So yesterday i had a sharp shin hawk fly directly into a steel reinforced weilded cage. He injured his wing and we figured by the time he hopped out into the pasture that would be the last we saw of him. Today I got off the phone with a lady after sealing the deal on 2 silkie roosters and 3 hens. the last part of our conversation was about hawk attacks and I stated its best I just get them out of here anyway there the only small birds I have thats not safe around here.
I hang up the phone and head outside to Collect the silkies for the trip to the city. I get to the brooder barn and in an empty coop I see white feathers everywhere. At a closer inspection I see a silkie laying dead on the ground the blood still pouring out of her beheaded body. I grab a hoe thinking well its fresh Looks like a coon or a skunk and I slowly walk around the box coop to beat the life out of the said predator my search comes up empty. I figure it got away maybe heard me coming.
i bend down infront of the coop and pick the silkie up i am infront of the door and I just happen to look up just in time to see a hawk fly off the roost inside the coop and straight at me. He nailed me in the chest then I kicked the coop door shut on him. what a odd day. all I can say is thank God I had 2 shirts and a pull over on.
Holy Cow!!

So sorry about your birds

I just posted about a hawk attack this afternoon too. I guess it's that time of year.

Sorry for your losses.

A few years ago (on a local freeway) a hawk flew into a pickup truck window and latched on to the arm of the driver. The driver stopped at a gas station and asked for help. I have had one pace me just outside the passenger window driving down the freeway.

Imp- Glad you are not hurt worse.
Holly Hell! that is some wound. Good thing you had your iron mail with you
Glad to see that your injuries are minor

Btw by shutting the door on him, did you manage to kill it?

Wait, do hawks have some kind of lock jaw (or claw) that wouldn't let go?
Wait, do hawks have some kind of lock jaw (or claw) that wouldn't let go?

No I don't believe so. The truck driver put his coat over the hawk so it stayed calm.

Glad you are ok.Sorry about yuor chicken.

My dh was just teasing me the other day about how the hawks that have been dive bombing our hens might go for me. We laughed figuring they would never attack a human,but I guess in certain situations they do!

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