Hawk attack-Severe shock?

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Nov 18, 2012
Hi there,
I'm brand new. My 8 month old Maran was attacked by a hawk yesterday. I found her on the ground with no visible signs of injury, but looking quite dead, yet she is breathing.

I layed her in the coop and she actually was able to get up, go into her nesting box and lay an egg! I then found her collapsed outside of the coop.

She survived the night and is now in a box in the house with a heat lamp.
It has been about 24 hours since the attack. She has taken a little bit of water, but she is really out of it and mostly not conscience. Her head flops all over and she will occasionally beat her wings like she is having a seizure, but her eyes are closed the whole time.
She is breathing kind of heavy now and it sounds a bit wheezy.

How long do they stay in shock??

We don't know if we continue like this or put her out of her misery.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Edit to add: She just had some foul smelling diahrea.
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Sep 28, 2012
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I'm so very sorry for your loss!! :( Many times, when people do not reply to your thread it's because they don't have any advice beyond what you'd already done.

You made her comfortable as possible during her end, and I think that's important. Once again, so sorry for your loss.

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