Hawk Attack?

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    So my DH is not currently so dear but anyways. He left the dogs outside because they got muddy and one is a convicted chicken killer... they are not allowed outside unsupervised around the chickens. DH calls me when he gets home for working and says oh no there is a pile no two piles of feathers on the ground and your polish is half naked. He said she the polish was very very anxious but not around the dogs like when the dog killed the last chicken. the dogs know when they have been bad and will not get near you if they have done wrong. they came right up to DH and ignored the feathers he was pointing at (the chicken killer would have peed himself if he had done it usually). I treated her with peroxide and will put some non pain neosporin in it when i get back from the store with it. she is missing most of her back feathers and tail. they span from an inch from the base of her neck to down her tail. her injuries look similar to those i have seen on other posts but i cannot be certain. would a hawk leave two piles of feathers if the dogs were harassing it to get out the yard? (they ferociously scare sparrows from the yard so i'm assuming they would really object to a large non chicken.) does anyone have any more pictures of hawk attacks i can see? my husband and i are confused because the dog would have just killed and eaten it if he really wanted to she was a rescue and is missing her toes on one foot and cannot run very fast. my brother in law has out camera but i will have it and pictures of her injuries and the feathers as soon as he gets home. thanks for any help
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    It's possible. When a hawk attacks it strikes and it strikes hard. I have seen it twice in my experience with chickens. The two I seen the chicken never say it coming (I didn't either really) until the last split second and both times it was an explosion of feathers on impact.

    On one occasion the hawk had a hold of the bird and when it let go because I intervened there was a big pile of feathers and the other occasion the hawk hit and the chicken escaped and pile of feathers remained plus a trail of feathers behind the chicken as it ran and flapped it's way to the coop for safety.

    You didn't say if you are missing any chickens.
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