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    I have the fake owl up, there's some crows in the area but a BYC'er had mentioned that Swallows, when they have babies, really help to keep hawks away. We recently decided that we will soon(hopefully!) start the process of moving the ducks to a different pasture and building their new coops there. I want to hawk proof it as much as possible because that pasture is closer to the trees.

    The owl will move, we'll still ahve the crows and the pens will be done up as well as we can to keep hawks away but i am going to put up quite a few bird houses for the swallows. We have a lot in the area but it'd be great if they nested near the ducks, especially if they will help to keep the hawks away some.

    So are these kinds of bird houses good for swallows?
    I have to go dig out a bigger hole drill/saw because the one i have now is only 1" and it seems small for the entrance. I still have to get some dowel pieces for the big one, but so far i have been lucky enough to have all the wood i need laying around here.
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    Around here, swallows don't use birdhouses. They build nests out of mud & moss under the eaves of the barn. Purple martins are good to have around for hawk & bug control.

    As for the owl, I put one up & the sparrows thought it was a new playground.
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    We have some (i dont know if its the same ones every year) that build a nest and raise babies in this old, closed off, attic vent in the back of our house. It's just an old pipe so i would imagine they would use a birdhouse if they had a chance... the owls kinda hang out in our barn since we don't use it much anymore but for hay storage. thankfully it's way out in the cow field.
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    (I think I did the quote thing right? if not sorry!)Bleenie, I think your hawks are coming up the hill to my house and visiting my pens too....LOL. Im suprised the eagles are no trouble for you.
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    If you have cliff swallows like we do in our area, they like to place their nests under eaves and bridges, and, of course, along cliffs. I would try to simulate something like that. Tree swallows like trees and barn swallows like the eaves in a barn or building.

    And, yes, swallows are great for hawk control. Every time I see a hawk, especially in the spring and summer, there's always a swallow attacking it. Very funny.

    Here where I live we also have kingbirds and they can be vicious to hawks. Just about any small bird with a baby will attack a hawk. I've even seen hummingbirds attack hawks, too.
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    I have a ton of blue jays around my house and they're excellent at letting me know when there's a bird of pray around. They squawk like crazy! I've seen them gang up on a hawk and chase it away. Try planting some dogwoods or other small berry/fruit bearing trees to attract them.

    As for the swallows, if you've got a shed or other structure you don't want them in, I'm sure they'd be happy to set up shop!

    Good luck!
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    I just had a hawk eat one of my 2 month olds yesterday [​IMG]. Husband came home and saw it eating our chick. I usually let my chickens free range all day in our backyard. We live within the city limits. What are some tips and ideas you might have? I don't want to keep them in the coop and run all the time, I don't feel like it is enough room for them to be in all the time. Should I get a fake owl? Do those really work? Should I put up little bird houses and feeders for local wild birds? I supppose I might research the types of birds that live in my area first and then make housing that will work for the type of bird.
    Argh, this just really sucks, it hasn't been the month for birds for me... 3 weeks ago my cockatiel died, then just Monday one of my 6 month old chickens died from what I think was kidney failure and now the 2 month old [​IMG] I don't want to loose anyone else if I can.
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    Would planting some trees or bushes help too... places for the chickens to hide in?
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    Aug 25, 2008
    Quote:We just got bluejays back here last year. (the former owners of the property shot everything [​IMG] )

    They are a great warning system. They not only let me know when birds of prey are around, but also when the snakes are out looking for eggs.

    Because of the hawks/kites around, I have pretty much had to stop free ranging. I am in the process of expanding the runs so they will still have space to roam.

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