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    I found 4 horribly torn up chicks yesterday in my coop i had saw a hawk fly away when i went up. I then had to put down my first chick/chicken as well as it had a broken leg with the bone sticking threw the leg. We put up some tarps to cover the space but there were still gaps (had a family friend whos brain was froed by drugs cut the treee he cut too much) i wemt to check on them today. 2 more dead. Now thats a total of 7 chicks its killed out of the 18 i ordered. Besides putting up more tarps what can i do to keep them away. I have 3 roos of all diffrent ages. They have done NOTHING to protect the girls. Im a beyond devistated. It got my favorite chick the only one i had named out of the 18. I have raised them sonce 3 days old. Please any and all advice is appriciated. I did have someone to ask called the chicken chick. She blocked me when i did nothing wrong. These are my babies plz help me i feel like im being punished!
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    Sorry about the situation. You will have to lock them in their coop until you can cover the entire run with wire. Once they have located a food source, hawks will continue to return until all have been killed.
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    I would put a roof over your coop so no Hawks can get in.

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