Hawk help

Jamie H

Nov 17, 2020
I have a red tailed hawk that has taken two (2) of my chickens. It appears that none of the roosters (4) will do any thing. I ask if anyone has any suggestions ??
Thanks Jamie H
Thanks for your response. I have the chickens (9 of them) in a covered pen now. The pen is 11x 37. I will get (8) eight more soon. Is the pen large enough ? I like to let roam free but have lost (2) in the past few weeks.
Free ranging is nice but a risk you take and most who free range will loose a bird/birds sooner or later. For the number of birds you have after you get more birds, you may want to expand your run/pen. In the past I have free ranged but my land is mostly open pasture. There are things you can do to occupy your birds. I built a ladder for mine years ago. They loved it. Also now and then I give them a flock block to peck at. Today I'm going to mow our grass for the last time this year and the clipping will go into the pens for the birds to scratch through. Again, good luck...

Everyone wants to be on top of the ladder.

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