Hawk or eagle? *Photos inside*


10 Years
Jun 20, 2009
Today the crows in my back yard were going crazy and all perched in a line on the tops of trees and I noticed there was a huge bird that didn't look like a crow. I went outside to investigate and the crows flew away but the unknown bird did not. I am not letting any of my animals out today, just in case.
I have some pictures, excuse the horrible quality though.
What do you think HAWK or EAGLE?

You can see it in the background perched on a tree




Close up


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I think it's hawk, but it looks real big. Here around our place we have bald eagles, easy to tell by the white head, that's the only reason I say hawk, because no white head. You may have different eagles where you live. Maybe a golden eagle, I don't know.
It is an immature eagle, a real young one ...if it were a hawk the crows would have attacked it and chased it away...they do not run from hawks. When it goes through it's color change, you will/would know if golden or bald. They look very very similiar as yearlings.

Keep your birds inside and see if it moves off or if you are unfortunate and it has a nest nearby.
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The beak looks really heavy and thick in proportion to the head which makes me think it's either a juvenile bald eagle (they don't get their white markings for several years) or else a golden eagle.
I think it's a Bald Eagle, judging from the head and body shape and coloring. It's kinda hard to see from the pictures, but as far as I can tell, he's getting the white head but hasn't reached the full mature plumage yet. I'd say he's between 4-5 years old.
Keep your chickens safe

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