hawk or feather pulling?

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    Nov 30, 2013
    I have three girls who have had a lot of feather pulling issues since last winter. Tried pinless peepers, gave them LOTS more space, but one girl (who kicks her peeper off even if it makes her bleed) still pulls the feathers of one other. Today I came home and saw that my pecked/pulled girl had many more feathers missing and really a big mess of them in the run under the coop. No injury that I could see but more missing on one side and lots missing from the usual places too.

    Soon I heard a hawk (Falcon I think) and saw it up in a tree. Could the predator bird have attacked the chicken but not really injured her? Or could the other hen have done this? Thoughts? Thanks.
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    Sure I have had hawks pull a bunch of feathers (and owls too) but the chicken gets away.

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