Hawk - This is why I don't free range unsupervised!


6 Years
Jun 2, 2013
Atlanta, Georgia
Caught a large hawk on camera today stalking the 2 week old chicks. The run is 10 ft. tall for size reference...this was a big boy for sure...


And leaving empty handed...


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That hawk was huge and it's a good thing they were under a covered run. We have hawks all year round but mainly in the fall.
Newly fledged young hawk. Not all are born good hunters. Many of them die within their first year.
Nice video. I had a hawk land right outside my window after a chicken. Had to run out and scare it off. I found that shot gun blanks work well as a deterrent if you are in a location that you can use them. They don't like the noise, it's effective at a distance or when they are in the air. and after a few encounters often avoid the area, and of course it is illegal to kill them. It looks like you don't even need to bother with deterring them.
Immature Red Tail. Some of them are very poor hunters and are very hungry. My birds have been being stalked by one for a week. I am leaving them in tomorrow.

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