Hawks, and Owls, and Ravens, Oh My!


5 Years
Sep 19, 2014
Central West Virginia
I live in the northern Appalachian mountains, where we have tons of different types of birds of prey. Hawks ranging from small, songbird-hunting types to much larger types that will carry off rabbits and cats, given the chance. They hang around during the day. At night, we have several different species of owl. My uncle had one manage to break through the mesh in his chicken pen and kill several of his hens. We've even spotted a few bald eagles that have recently called the area home! Since I let my chickens out during the day, and pin them up at night, in their steel-framed, roofed coop. We also fashioned tin roofing around the sides of the coop, nothing is getting in there at night. Hawks, however, are a threat during the day.
They generally avoid residential areas, but sometimes hunt the field above my house. My chickens seem smart enough to stick to the bushes and don't stay out in the open, but I have almost lost them as chicks to a Sharp-Shinned hawk.
Because these birds attack from above and are deadly accurate, the chickens have almost no chance to run away as they would with ground-dwelling predators. If I see one hanging around the house, I will not even let my Chihuahua outside! I feel like it will only be a matter of time before I lose a chicken to one, but I don't want to leave them pinned up all the time, either, at least until I finish their bigger coop!
So I was wondering, what do you do, especially those with free-range chickens, to protect your chickens from birds of prey?
I live in Louisiana,I know what I would do but not alow to say what I would do,say it anyway start feeding Hawks they will be happy

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