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    Jun 11, 2009
    I have read about putting bales of hay around the coop for added warmth in the winter.
    I am planning on doing this, when should i thats the question? I live in ct. its cold, should i do it in the next few weeks or wait? I wanted to also know if anyone has any pics of their coop with hay stacked about it. i dont plan to cover the whole coop, the sides, back and leave the windows free (obviously for view, ventalation etc.) so it would mostly be up from the bottome etc.
    Thanks in advance!
    also the temps at night are hitting about 34 degrees.

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    First, I'd suggest using straw instead of hay (unless you have a large free supply of 'mulch' grade hay that you may as well use up) -- straw is cheaper (which is the main thing), and some types of hay will not last quite as well as straw.

    If you want to stack the bales up there now, go right ahead -- ideally one does it just before Actual Cold weather hits (34 is not really very cold), since if you do it very early the bales will be out there for longer and in poorer condition come March or so, but this time of year there's no telling what will happen and it is sure better not to have to be trying to do it in a foot of snow <g>. Make sure they are set up so they will not fall over, especially if some will be in the chicken run -- rebar, baling twine, a variety of things can be used to encourage them to stay put.

    Also if you have not done so already it is heavily worth insulating your ceiling (in fact it is almost a must, in CT, if your roof is exposed metal or corrugated roofing sheet). Anything is better than nothing.

    Good luck, have fun,


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