Hay, Straw, wood chips,..help me decide


11 Years
Jul 31, 2008
I know there has been a lot of talk on what to use for bedding...

Currently I am using wood chips but it is getting to expensive.

I can get hay for $1.90 a bale but i remember that either hay OR straw can cause a crop impaction but i cant find the thread

any suggections?
I use straw.... and some wood chips... I don't remember which causes the compacting though... hopefully someone else will have the link
hay and straw get too wet for me here, and they like to eat it...so I stick with pine chips; they are $5.49 for a huge bag of top bedding. Using DLM I dont have to replace the bedding that often and usually go through a bag every 2 months or therebouts.

Hay / straw here is pricier than pine bedding and attracts mice as we need to keep it indoors since if it stays outside, it gets wet; wet=moldy and not good for the birds.

I'm sure others will chime in however.
I've used both pine shavings and hay before as bedding for chicks, whichever is easier for me to haul in my car. In the nest boxes I use pine shavings.

Straw has too course of a texture to use as bedding for chicks. You can use it for older birds just fine.
hay is a food source do not use it as bedding. Straw is the bedding. Why not do a mixture to help with costs. I am planning on wood pellets and straw for our coup when finished. After fall I will be adding leaves also to help defer beding cost for winter.
Forget everything else. Use wood pellets. Are cheaper in the long run because they will keep your coop fresh and dry for a greater duration.

this is great I love the difference of opinion..

HUGE square bale of compressed wood chips cost me ~$5.00

but the problem I am having is
1) they kick to much out and i am left with bare spots on the floor

2) when they poop it is kinda awkward to take it out without it falling appart. I take it out to help control the flies

3) I am spending upwards of $50 a month in bedding for 10 chickens (maybe I am spoiling them I want them to have plush clean floors to walk on. They roost at night so its not like they "sleep" on it

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