Hay vs straw


Apr 2, 2020
Which do I want for the duck coop? We had sand all summer which was wonderful...and then added leaves in the fall...which they loved...but I wanted something more insulating for our ladies in the winter here in PA. I swear I read straw will cut their feet? Maybe I'm making that up in my mind lol. My husband said 'just ask your duck people' so here I am 😆
what smells better and is softest? mine don’t live outside so cold doesn’t matter i just need something that doesn’t stink between daily changing a
I have used both on top of pine shavings ( which I would recommend). Hay is softer and more absorbent but my duck books warn about using it because it is more likely to have the fungus that causes Aspergillosis. I haven’t had any trouble but I think that is why more people use straw.
I've tried hay, straw, hemp, flax and pine shavings - and I prefer pine shavings. They dry fast and smell good - and they're soft on feet and cheap. I clean the house daily and I find it really hard to scoop poopy hay and straw - it gets heavy. Maybe I'm just a wimp :hmm

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