Hazel had an egg accident


Squeaky Wheel
11 Years
Feb 11, 2008
Waterloo, Nebraska
Hazel is a black JG and has finally started to lay. When I went into the coop this morning she jumped off the perch, and when she landed an egg fell out of her butt. I think it was her first egg, and she was quite surprised. Of course it broke. Then she saw the pretty yellow yolk and started to eat it. I took it away because I don't want that habit to start.


11 Years
Feb 29, 2008
South Central PA
Sorry to laugh, but a couple of my girls had similar issues when they started laying. Over the first few weeks I occasionally found eggs on the droppings board from where they slipped out unannounced to the startled hen. It didn't seem to phase them. We even had one drop out an egg when she hopped up onto the deck railing. I think she thought it was just a big poop because she didn't even turn to look at it; just continued walking down the railing. Never had any eat the eggs, though. They'll get the laying under control with a bit of experience. Silly girls.


Hilltop Farm
12 Years
Nov 18, 2007
My Coop
In the beginning when my girls started laying they layed soft eggs while on their roosts. I didn't clean them out right away. Later in the day when I went to fetch them they were gone so the birds must have ate them. Lucky me they haven't tried anymore.

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