He came home!!


12 Years
Apr 21, 2007
SW Florida
Like a lot of the people on this forum I have more then enought roosters. I tend to rehome as many as I can for free. So last week when a man showed up looking for hens I didn't have any available but I did send him home with a nice LF cochin roo. I felt kind of bad giving this one away for he had grown kind of special to me but he was going to have some hens of his own. Well last night as I was going out to shut up the coop for the night I see this chicken trying to get into my fence. It was almost dark so I thought one of hens had managed to get out. I went around to capture the escapee and who comes running up to me the roo I had given away. I have no idea how far he had come cause I don't know where the man lives who took him. He had been gone for over a week it amazing that he made it back without being killed by a dog or something. I never knew that chickens would do this, dogs yes but chickens! Has anyone ever have one come back home? After this I guess I better keep him.


10 Years
Nov 15, 2009
Albany, OR
Aaaaaaaww...I say definitely keep that guy!

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