HE doesn't stop crowing...


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I hatched out a pair of beautiful Golden Cuckoo Maran from eggs I got from Melissa (pasofinofarm)

They are both BEAUTIFUL... hatched out the end of February and the hen has yet to lay an egg but............


Tonight he made it until 3AM without a crow, but it's been every 10 minutes since then, I'm ready to process him. His pen is about 6 feet from my bedroom window. (he's in there with a black star, his maran mate and two EEs)

Anyone in AZ want a beautiful pair?

They really are gorgeous...

Is there a way to stop him from crowing?

It's maddening.
We had same problem here with a Silky roo. Finally had to re-home to someone who loved to hear that noise 24/7.

And of course, when he got to his new home....he stopped crowing.


Good luck with your guy!
I know what you mean! I got up at 4 am because my polish ro would not shut up and he's about 200 yards from my window! No wonder why my neighbor kinda complained! I have 6 to process tomorrow -all roos-Ive made my picks and only a few roos stay..silkie roos-sizzle roo-SLpolish roo-and huge EE roo....oh and 1 straight feathered standard black cochin roo. Now that I think about it -that stil sounds like too many roos!!! We are insulating the coops ASAP-hoping the noise level will go down...
I've got 10 roos that start crowing about 4 am. I've had them for 10 years. After awhile you get used to it. I can sleep through a lot now.

Good luck with yours. Wish I knew something that would help. Have you tried putting him somewhere where there is no light at all (no moon, no stars, no anything)?? MAYBE that would help.
Well, I have a 'roo' pen that is about 20 feet to the west and he went in with the other two roos today.

We'll see if I get sleep in 4 hours....

.... hate it when I wake up to go potty and can't go back to sleep.
My Roo is the SAME way,
he is just perfecting his crow. He will stop soon, if not, duct tape his beak together leaving the nosehole open
My roos crow a lot when they dont get enough attention. They also like to be let out of thier pens to free range and will crow until I let them out for a while. Seems to me that roosters tend to crow when they want something or are aggitated. Also, when thier schedule changes. I have 3 bantam cochin roos and 1 standard mutt roo. I had to give my other standard roo and 2 bantam cochin roos away today, but they got a good home.
I had 4 roos and they ALL did the same thing. It was constant crowing, several times a minute in fact! I was at my wits end and my hubby was.not.happy.
I sent 2 of my roos away and just kept my most valuable roo, a BC Marans. He still crowed a bunch the day immediately following "the great departure", but he did quiet down after that. He now only crows a couple times at dawn.
Yay, finally we can get some sleep.

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