He-he..I learned a valuable lesson today


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
DONT TAKE 10 day old CHICKS OUTSIDE when you have a way UNDER A LARGE deck lol...

they were doing sooo great in a small space outside...I was happily cleaning out their brooder
replacing everything with fresh stuff...they were pecking around (finally)...chasing each other when they had a
blade of grass etc..

so I throw feed down to them to kinda keep them pecking in taht area..well it BACKFIRED ON ME lol..

they got scared and scattered like roaches...TOWARDS THE DECK 5 ft away...with large enough "entrances"
to get under it..and NO way for humans to get under there...

so I'm screaming JERON HELP ME NOWWWW...he comes running (he's 13) and I'm yelling at him;
get me something to put them in now...hurry...as I'm trying to corral them lol...AWAY from openings..meanwhile
squawks etc...

DH comes home; I yell at him HELP ME NOW...HELP...
so DH runs outside and says what do you have to put them in..he's all calm..I'm yelling...and my son brings out the
coffee table... (REALLY??? A TABLE??? LMBO..I was not happy...)

finally we get them all in the laundry basket...and dh said DONT EVER DO THAT AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

lol so they are inside til they are too big to go under/in the holes lol...
whens that coop gonna be finished anyhow?? LOL
I know it was not funny for you at the time but I am sorry it made me laugh. Especially the coffee table. You have had a time. Glad everyone is safe again and you got them all. Thank you for the laugh.
A coffee table
I can kinda see the logic, turn it over and it has small sides to hold them in right?

I'm sure the panic in your voice as you were screaming was not much help with corralling the chickies!

I did that once at my cousins when I was 12. My little sister unlatched the gate and the piglets got out. Screaming only makes them want to scatter faster. Kinda like they believe there is another bigger, badder monster on the way to eat them up!

Glad you got them all gathered up safely.
I'm soooo sure lol....in retrospect ya know...lol..

still not sure why he chose the coffee table OVER THE rectangle laundry basket that was RIGHT NEXT TO IT EMPTY LOL
Can't quit laughing about the table!
I'm sorry this happened to you but its a good lesson learned! Sounds like something I would do:/ Glad you got them all corralled safely:)
Here's another tip: baby chicks can get through chicken wire, but YOU cannot. At least not without severe damage to the fence and Possibly to your clothing. Maybe even to some of your skin.

I thought a small circle of chicken wire would be a great day trip outside pen for them.

Uhh. Wrong!
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Ah yes, chicks and small holes. My husband discovered there is a hole small enough for a frightened chick to fit through under our kitchen cabinets. We didn't have to tear out our cabinets but it was a close thing.
Thanks for the story! It made me remember not to take mine out to the front yard where I have lattice around the bottom of the front porch.

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