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9 Years
Jul 4, 2011
I told my sister-in-law that people have been hatching eggs from Trader Joe's. Her husband asked me, "Why would someone sit on an egg for that long when chickens are as cheap as they are?" I refrained from responding with a long-winded explanation about responsible animal husbandry and healthier food.... respect for life...... blah blah... It's just wasted on people like him. He came with us to pick out our birds. He watched them grow. He always tells me eggs are cheaper at the store, and less work. All I responded with was, "Because they can."
Wait, Trader Joe's sells fertile eggs? I'm not trying to hi-jack your thread it's just I've been thinking about picking up hatching eggs locally rather than shipping and wasn't sure the plausibility. What kind of hatching eggs do they have? just chickens or other poultry?

edit: I've never been to a Trader Joe's, isn't it kind of a grocery store? Maybe the joke went over my head.
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Yeah, I've read it on here a few times. No clue what hatches, but there were some interesting results. There's no Trader Joe's in my area, but my sister-in-law lives in OH and I was subtly hinting at what I wanted her to pick up at the store for me on her way out to see us on vacation. I just shelled out $45 for 10 eggs. search Trader Joe's and see.
It is my understanding that TJ's has fertile chicken eggs for sale to eat. Some people incubated them to see if/what/how many would hatch. Their results were interesting. Do a search for Trader Joe's eggs hatched.
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Trader Joe's is a grocery store. They sell fertile eggs. As far as I know, they only sell chicken eggs. The eggs are meant for eating, not for hatching. However, that doesn't mean you can't try to hatch them if you are so inclined. Some people on BYC have done so. The chicks will be whatever breed the egg farm was using to produce eggs.
Same thing as saving the seeds from some tomatoes I liked to plant the following spring. Just wanted to see what grows. I got all kinds of freaky tomato weeds for years in my garden. Chickens next..... bwaaahaaahahaaa

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