Head Rooster demoted after Coyote attack

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    Jul 7, 2013
    A week ago my head rooster was carried off while protecting the hens from a coyote. He ended up escaping but the very next morning, rooster #2 started fighting with him. He is now a total outcast. Today I found him bunched up in a corner of the fence with rooster #2 over him and when I released him he immediately ran into the coop and up the roost as high as he could go. He walks all over all alone. He doesn't (can't?) crow anymore. We have a VERY large coop, and they free range during the day, so I don't think crowding is an issue. I'm just surprised at the sudden demotion. Any suggestions for me?
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    Sep 4, 2013
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    After a chicken goes thru trauma sometimes they go into a shock or trance like state and don't move for several days. Then suddenly they just snap out of it and are ok again.
    Separate him from the other rooster so he won't be bullied while in his cowed state. When he recovers, remove rooster # 2 and install #1 back in the flock and he should regain his status.
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    I agree. Going through something like that is hard on a chicken. Give your first roo some space and time to recover from shock. You may want to go over him to see if he has any wounds that need to be treated. Hope that helps! : )

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