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  1. courtshep

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    Jun 24, 2008
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    My chick is 1 week old. From the start she has been bending her neck around and scratching at her ear areas. She seem off balance and sometimes falls over. At other times she seem perfectly normal. I was reading posts on wry neck. Is this the same thing? What about the scratching at head??? I am worried. Help please.
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    Mar 5, 2009
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    Could she have mites or some other itch-causing skin problem? Could she be falling over because it's hard to balance? Doesn't sound like wry neck to me. Hope she'll be OK, I really don't know what to suggest. Good luck.
  3. Glenda L Heywood

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    Apr 11, 2009
    she needs Vit B complex and Vit E
    it is a unbalance and like wry neck of sorts nervous system thing
    Vit B complex and Vit E
    you will have to take and make a wet mash for the chicks I would feedit to all the chicks she is with
    will not hurt them
    for 5 chicks make
    45 tsp of ry crumbles
    90 tsp of milk any kind
    2 tbsp of plain unflavored yoguart
    and to this add the B complx pill crushed in dry tbsp then add to mix
    also take a 1000 mg of Vit E capsule
    clip end off the capsule and add to the mix

    Mix this whole mix well so medication is thru out the whole mix. feed eaCH CHICK 2 TSP OF THE MIX

    now see that they eat it all by you putting them over to the dish
    in 20-30 minutes

    also to their water 2 qts mix 2 tsp of apple cider vineager daily
    this will help get their gut flora regulated so their system will take it in and utilize it

    Do this for one week daily and clean out wet feeder and restock dry crumbles

    then 5 days 2nd week
    4 days third week
    3 days fifth week
    2 days the sixth week
    and 1 day aweek for several months
    then they should not have the disorder
  4. courtshep

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    Jun 24, 2008
    West Virginia
    Wow!! Thank you so much for all this information!!! I already sent husband to get Vit. E, but your info. is great. I really appreciate it! Courtney
  5. mskluck

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    May 1, 2017
    My black astro has the same thing. You might also get some small bubble wrap to wrap the neck like a brace. You can ask your pharmacy if they have any. They have it free of charge. They always get glass bottles in their shipments. She'll try to get it off for awhile ; shell get used to it. Just make sure she can eat and drink with the brace. Chick brace weekly for they grow fast. My Astor is 6 weeks old.
    As far as that MASH recipe; what's the formula for just 8 chicks?
    Good luck to you.

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