Head shaking...need answers

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    May 16, 2011
    First of all I would like to say Hi, as i am new to these forms [​IMG]
    Next I have 4 bantams that are i think almost 3 weeks old...i would post pictures to help you out, but cannot since i am new:/
    All 4 are kept inside, with a warming light, and pine shavings that i clean several times a week...I also change the water twice a day and clean their food bowl daily...they always have food and water in their cage. There are on medicated starter/grower feed and for first 2 weeks had the medicated water recommended by ppl i trust and that had raised bantams.
    ok so....head shaking.....1 more than the others does this head shake like a dog would....although all have done it at some point. I have checked all over for mites, dry patches, lice, and there are No signs of it...they all get along, and there is no picking going on. the ears are all clean and skin tone...no draingage and the poop is normal. no wheezing, no sneezing, no nose drainage. they all eat good and drink well...they run and play and are very active.
    wehn in the cage they will occasionally shake head or scratch at it...but it is seldome....thi shaking of head occurs more then you take one out to give them run time inside, away form anything that can harm them , and is clean and dry...or when i take them out to hold them for a short time. One specific will start fine, but will them shake head while holding it every 5 seconds until it is put back in cage and allowed to have time back there....sometimes they also feel like they have a kitten purr button inside them. Are they ok...is there something that i need to be worried about???
    I would also like to know gender since i think 3 are female and one is male, but seeing how the site will not let me post pics yet...i can only say i have uploaded all pics to my profile..... All of them except 1 grew their wing feathers in full and tail feathers really fast...the other(who i think is male) is just starting to get more of his wing feathers, and just starting to show signs of tail feathers.... also at 2 days old 3 had long and sort layer pin feathers while the one that is just now getting tail feathers has all the same length of pin feathers on his wings. and finally 3 of them have more wider and rounder feathers, while the other 1 has thinner and straighter feathers....
    SO, sorry to run on , but if anyone can look at my file pics, and help with the head shaking, i would greatly appreciate it....

    Thank You all for taking time to help e. i may just be a nervous mommy, but anything will help [​IMG]
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    I don't have an answer, but I"ll bump ya... to keep you on top.

    and I don't use any medicated feed and/or water. Just chick starter feed and regular water.
    All the best
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    Sometime when they have mites they shake. Good luck and here is another bump!
  4. pips&peeps

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    Some silkies shake their heads a bit, otherwise I would say respiratory disease.
  5. mljohnson05

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    May 16, 2011
    thank you for the answers....I dont think mine are silkies, and must of the time the head shaking is only once i have been holding them for a little...and that is when the "purring effect" starts in...like they have a personal vibration going on...i guess time will tell...other than that , they all are eating and growing. I have Pictures posted of all 4 on my page if anyone can look and help ID gender:D

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