Head struck in poultry netting


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Jun 8, 2009
Lorain County Ohio
Anyone ever had a chicken that stuck there headthrough the poultry netting and get stuck? I had one last night that did. I went out to the coop about 11:00 to close it up and put them on the roost (they have been piling on the floor) and as i got to the bottom of the pile I went to grab the last one and i noticed the head was through the netting and it was just laying there i thought it was dead cause all the other birds had been on top of him. but as i grabbed him to get rid of him he flapped a wing. so i ended nipping the poultry wire and hoped for the best this morning (half expected him to be dead) but when i opened the coop up this morning he seemed completly normal. No cuts or blood that I could see
No, that is the most bizarre thing I have ever heard of. Was it the plastic kind or the wire kind? I guess the wire kind I can see but the plastic stuff I have, no way. Not even my banties can get their head through it. Might want to look into that in case he decides to do it again, lol. Glad he is ok this morning!

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