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    May 2, 2012
    I have a 6 month old super sweet Dominique rooster. He has just now become the main man and is learning all of the rooster duties. Just recently he has started swaying his head every once in a while. It is like a quick left to right motion when one of the hens is doing something he doesn't like or when he is nervous. Is this normal? I read on the forum that this could be a problem with the crop or possible worms. The chickens are free range and he has opportunities to eat whatever he can find on the land and in the garden. I felt his crop and it seems normal. He is eating fine, drinking and his poop is solid. This is my first flock, am I making more out of this than needs to be? Is it just a rooster thing like the foot stomping or do I have a bigger problem?
    Help! I can't find any info on rooster behavior.
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    It sound like its a personal tell, like a person who might tap their thigh when they see something they aren't real happy with. Nothing wrong with that. If he is eating and acting normal he's fine.
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    Roosters are quirky beasts. You'll find they have more personality than the hens- in good ways and bad! This sounds like it's just a way for your roo to express himself. Watch his weight levels, but don't stress out over it.
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    Hello, I have been looking for information about the swaying movement for my rooster. As you posted this in 2012 (I hope you still use this forum) could you tell me how your rooster is doing please?
    Mine is a Silkie and was born 28/06/17
    He is free range in a small garden with two Silkie hens.
    I’m not overly worried about this as it’s not a continuous swaying action BUT my husband mentioned it this morning so he’s noticed it too.
    For instance, Should I allow my rooster to mate? I have a friend waiting for fertilised eggs
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    I have read that cock/erels sway their heads, and thus their wattles, to entice the girls.
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    Jan 14, 2018
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    Thank you, aart

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