Head twitch? Weird stuff, at loss!

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    This video is from November. I thought I got her problem figured out because me massaging her cop after giving her some olive oil seemed to help....

    But she is doing it again, though not as pronounced...
    But! I just found out today that when you lightly tug on her back neck feathers, she starts having an uncontrollable fit?

    An ear infection??? Maybe??? I'm at loss because there's nothing really that different. They were treated for lice not too long ago because they were infested (the first treatment we tried, failed).

    So. I am really confused. She is the ONLY one exhibiting these symptoms. I have her with 4 red sex links, a barred rock, and an easter egger. She's the only one who does this and the only one who seems a bit "slower" (also, her eyes have always been squinty).

    And we have four silkies in the same vicinity and they are okay too.

    Also, her crop is quite large and squishy. She IS eating. But her crop does not feel like a normal crop. Her breath smells fine though.

    This chicken is gunna make my hair fall out! I'm at such a loss about what her issue is! Sometimes she seems really perky, her tail is always up, but sometimes she seems pale and off. She still gets on the roost no issue and still holds her stance in the pecking order.

    So... please help.. :C

    EDIT: I want to mention that she had stopped laying for a while but very recently (as in today and some days before) I have seen her in the box and some days we get 9 eggs- which means EVERY hen has laid including her.
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