Health and First Aid Essentials Stock Up - What are your must haves?


Apr 1, 2022
Newbie here!

If you could create an essential stock up kit of items you like to have on hand to avoid having to run to town on the day of needing them or running out of them, what does your kit look like? Think a years supply, its the perfect chicken care and rescue box! 🚑

All I have so far is poultry drench and Sav a chick electrolytes/probiotics.

I have 22 pullets about 8 to 9weeks.
I do not have any trimmers yet FYI.

Just Basic items fine for this post I’m not going to grab medications obviously until I actually need them if it ever comes to that.

Chicken Health, Care, and Rescue Box!

Saline -sterile for contact lens maintenance.

Vet wrap - no red color. Get black, neutral or something that generally matches your chickens. Blue is ok too. The vet wrap can be useful if one is injured and needs body wrapped to keep medicine or bandage on. Never wrap the wings down, of course. But, we have 2x needed vet wrap for injuries.

Betadine to apply to wound.

Sterile scalpels (individual wrapped) or ones you can boil sterilize. At some point they will get bumblefoot or other injury and you’ll need to remove puss.

Blu-kote or similar spray if a red area of injury/irritation/or feather picking needs to be covered.

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