Health issue....not really emergency but need input


Mar 11, 2015
Port Richey Florida
I had a neighbor bring by about 10lbs of leftover fruit salad from a church function...there was nothing the chickens should not have had in it and it was only about 4 hours old so should have been fine to feed my "krewe"...the issue is I was not home so the neighbor just went in and dumped all of it in the trough and they gorged themselves completely....eating over half in a couple of hours. They now have watery diarrhea...I have removed the rest of the fruit salad and buried it and covered the spot so they can not dig it up ...I have also added electrolytes to all of the waterers.

Is there anything else I should do ?
I doubt that there will be any long lasting problems. Since fruit has a lot of water and some natural sugar, both of which can cause loose stools, they are probably just having a temporary problem. I would just place their regular feed out for them to eat. If it persists, you could give them some probiotics, or add a little buttermilk or yogurt to their feed.
Yes I did refill the bowls of fermented feed and they get a homemade yougert and oat desert every night (normally with fruit but not tonight) ...I figured it would be temporary but wanted to insure they didn't get dehydrated .

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